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I have a PhD degree in Life Sciences, with a strong knowledge in Mathematics

Trading tactics

I am a technical trader. The system is completely manual. I use only simple indicators and simple calculations to enter a trade. I use a commercially available platform different from MT4 to study the market, and I use MT4 only to enter and manage the trades. I use Japanese candlestick charts with: a Cycle indicator, Exponential Moving Avarages, Avarage True Range (ATR), Supports and Resistances, Trend Lines, Fibonacci series, and sometimes a Slow Stochastic. I do follow the cycles of the price and I care about two consecutive Maxima or Minima as the Daw Theory. I use only H4, D1, W1 and M1 Time Frames, and I alway enter the market in trend with the superior time frame (i.e for H4 the reference TF is D1). I enter a trade taking into consideration the ATR in that moment and I put an opposite hedged order instead of a SL. If the trade goes in the right direction, I than set the SL at the start price and I cancel the hedged order. If the trade is not convincing I can close the order with a small profit or loss and cancel the hedged order. If the market goes exactly the opposite direction, the hedged order starts and I follow the market on the opposite way. I put about 4-6 consecutive orders, with a serial increase of the 20% in lots, and when the superior TF turns back I close the opposite trade and set again serial orders. This time in the same direction of the original trade. I wait for the market to turn back and I close all trades when they all together give me a profit, without modifying my Balance. My DrawDown is never more that 20%, I am trying to have a lower DD. When I have a hedged order I do not open other trades, unless with a classical SL. My risk for each trade is set to 1% of the equity. I do not start any trade in proximity of or during news. In D1 I rarely use hedging, in W1 I never use hedging but a classical SL. The right moment to enter the system is only when I have all the trades closed. Do not start following me when the Balance is not Equal to the equity, be patient. If you do not wait you will be exposed to a very high risk. You need an account with at least 10,000 euros or dollars, NDD, with micro-lots, 1:100 leverage. The statistics of my account are available on, and this account is registered with the name “InvestOnForex”. I am a professional trader from the end of 2015, and I have followed several courses on trading among which the Trading Courses of Dott. Manuela Negro from TradingRoomRoma in 2016-2017. The trading system has than been personalised.

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